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ExcellentManagement Ability
The well-known environmental protection technical management expert team personally attend to conduct duty, completes the sewage treatment emergency plan, promptly solves the unexpected wastewater discharge worry.
National high-tech enterprises, with dozens of invention patents, import international frontier wastewater treatment technology every year.
SolidTechnical Strength
20 years'experience in environmental protection is the key to wastewater treatment operation and maintenance. Professional engineers are stationed in the project site to provide 24/ 7 steward type service mode.
No dead angle video monitoring system for 24 hours in wastewater station, intelligent pollution source index monitoring, alarm warning for exceeding standard.
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Shanghai Jielu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a service provider specializing in environmental protection, food, vegetable and vegetable rotten organic waste recycling, harmless and reduced treatment solutions. Through the rotten organic waste, the rapid degradation of composting technology by microbial high-temperature aerobic fermentation is localized, and the waste is turned into waste, the resources are recycled, and the waste recycling is reused to return to the natural ecology and create a cycle of the whole industry. economic.   

Energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent creation of our vision for the future.



EPC design and construction
Food waste operation and maintenance case
Overseas technology docking cases
Water treatment includes municipal sewage treatment, industrial oil and water separation, catering oil and water separation, kitchen waste oil and water separation, and township sewage treatment.
Wet garbage disposal
Green processing
resource utilization
Water treatment
Wet garbage treatment includes intravenous industry, integrated waste treatment, clean energy, kitchen waste treatment, kitchen waste, organic waste treatment, renewable resources, and environmental restoration.
Green processing is the design of the material and structural design of the product, such as the design method of disassembly and the modular design method.
The utilization of resources refers to the systematic treatment of kitchen waste and organic waste, and is made into a base fertilizer, which is then processed into organic fertilizer for use in agro-ecology and soil restoration.

Core business
success case

High-drying dewatering technology and equipment development for kitchen waste seriesDeodorization technologydevelopment

In 2019, the first prize of the "Shanghai Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award" used the carrier of bacteria to transform the degradation resources of wet garbage.

Development of ultra-fine grid for wet waste treatment, development of new filtration equipment, development of new degradation equipment

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